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Puppet Workshops

David, a former primary school headteacher and sometimes accompanied by his wife, Sue, has been touring the country with an 'army' of puppets to give children hands-on experience working them. They have visited over 360 schools and worked with nearly 45,000 children in that time. Key Stage 1 & 2 children develop speaking and listening skills through role play, giving the puppets identities and personalities.

Children's Puppet Parties

David entertains at children's parties with a unique storytelling technique which involves all party guests joining in with a puppet. We have 230 puppets available and can therefore offer a bespoke service with stories to suit age and taste.

Ceilidh Dances

'Ceilidh' or 'Barn' Dances are a brilliant opportunity to get members of your community together in a most enjoyable social event. Barn dances make sure that people have to mix and interact. They can also be used as fund-raising events, requiring very little organisation.

We bring our own P.A. system and teach all the moves before putting on the dance music. We bring our own music, rather than a live band, thus keeping the cost within the reach of schools or others on a tight budget, or who wish to raise funds. We teach dances in different formats and encourage people of all ages to join in. As David has taught country dancing in schools for many years, a lot of the dances are ideal for children, but there are more challenging ones available if there are some seasoned dancers there.

All that is needed is a suitable venue - a school or village hall, even a barn!


David is available for weddings, portraits & special events.

Gel Nails

Calgel a superior natural gel overlay which enhances & protects the natural nail. Sue is mobile in the Wensleydale area.


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